Our intellectual property policy

The words, images, ideas and concepts expressed in any site that we host (the content) remains the property of the client.  And we ask that our clients ensure that they have the rights to all the content in the circumstances in which it is used.  

The html, scripts, database schemes and everything else that makes the site work (the scripts) remain our intellectual property, subject to one proviso.  And we take responsibility for ensuring that all the scripts are either originated by us or used under an appropriate licence.  The proviso is that should a client at the end of their contract choose to move their site to another developer/host, we will supply all the scripts necessary for another developer/host to continue the service.  This will be under a licence that will allow the continued functioning of the site, but not the resale, re-distibution or any other use of the intellectual property in the scripts.  Also, in such circumstances, we give no warranty that the scripts will work on other servers.  Every server configuration is unique and, inevitably, some adjustments to the scripts will be needed as a result of such a relocation.  

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